Security Toner Features

SQ2 continue to develop and source the best document security products in the industry. In our continued effort to combat cheque and document fraud, we can now provide the most innovative product on the market - Security Toner. This unique toner has been specifically developed to defeat a fraudster's attempts to tamper or alter any type of document.

Security Toner cartridges are currently available for almost all HP LaserJet printers. For the additional security that they provide, the additional cost per page is negligible.

We have identified that printing confidential documents, such as insurance papers, government documents, educational transcripts, medical records, legal documents, permits & licenses etc., will benefit by adding an extra layer of protection by using Security Toner.

For your MICR cheque printing applications SQ2 also offers a MICR Security Toner Cartridge.

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Chemical Reactivity On Demand

TROY Security Toner, the latest breakthrough in toner technology, forces a bright red stain to appear when chemical alteration of a document is attempted. This is an excellent form of additional security for printing confidential documents such as government documents, transcripts, medical records, legal documents, you will want to make sure you are adding an extra layer of protection with a TROY Security Toner Cartridge.

For your MICR printing applications, TROY offers a TROY MICR Security Toner Cartridge which also creates a highly visible red stain when alteration is attempted using a solvent. This is one of the most common ways that fraudsters attack and alter sensitive documents. This Security Toner is a patented solution and is highly recommended for all sensitive and negotiable documents. Available for most HP laser printers.

Prevent document fraud - transcripts

Combat document fraud

  • Help prevent alteration of your sensitive and negotiable documents
  • Protect your company's reputation with TROY Security Toner
  • Safeguard the words and graphics that you are printing

Areas of applications

  • Government documents
  • Legal documents
  • Education documents
  • Financial documents
Areas of application - prescriptions

Cost-effective solution - chemical tamper evidence

Cost-effective solution

  • Chemical tamper evidence added to plain paper documents with only a nominal difference in cost.
  • When used in place of chemically reactive paper, companies can save money on paper purchases.